Minnesota Cuffs and Collars, Vol. 1


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Best of Minnesota Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars, Vol. 1

When you read the Cuffs and Collars section of Outdoor News each week, you see Conservation Officers’ stories. Most often CO’s are involved in serious cases; however, we wanted to bring you some of the most unusual, strange, funny, and entertaining reports published in Outdoor News’ Cuffs and Collars over the years.

These are actual reports gleaned from the DNR’s public field reports. At times, it is hard to believe they are true.

EXAMPLE: Fergus Falls Area – Officer Campbell Checked an individual who was hunting but had no license or identification with him. The individual thought a bit and then removed his false teeth, which had his name engraved on the backside of the bridge. After a check of the ELS system, it was found that he did have a valid license.

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